Adult Jam

Fruit Alchemist

Life is better with Adult Jams and Preserves!

Life is better with Adult Jams and Preserves


The story …

Saving the Season, a Fruit Alchemist story!

Adult Jams and Preserves was found in 2013 by Elizabeth Eisler, a long time confiture, a skill she learned from her Mom and Grandmother. 5 Generations residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am dedicated to sourcing local seasonal organic fruits and ingredients, handmade in small batches using traditional French copper pans, I have created more than 50 uniquely delicious flavors…. I have been in love with the process of preserving since I was a young child, making Apple Butter and other preserves with my Mom & Grandmother. For my grandmother and mom preserving was an antidote for waste. “Waste not, want not” is something my grandmother would say…. 

It’s important to me to be creative with my Jams and preserves.  Having an Artist head (brain) I am constantly trying new ideas that come to mind…Morning Cup of Pear Jam came from having a cup of coffee and eating pears from my trees…

One of my artistic out lets other than making uniquely delicious jams and preserves…is photography. I use my photos for the jam labels. I have tried to give people a stamp of my individual creativity through my jams flavors and the labels….the preserves deliciously stand apart with the subtle balance of using less sugar and more fruit….

Life is better with Adult Jams and Preserves!