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Fruit Alchemist

Life is better with Adult Jams and Preserves!

Saving the Season; a Fruit Alchemist story!

 Adult Jam and Preserves was founded in 2013.  

I have been a confiturier for a long time, having learned  from my mom and grandmother. Born in Oakland, my family is  part of 5 generations  residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.   

I am dedicated to sourcing local seasonal organic fruits, heirloom produce, as well as, Local Liqueur, Tea's and other ingredients. These interesting elements are used to make small batches of  handmade preserves in traditional French copper pans. I have been in love with the process of preserving since I was  a young child, making Apple Butter and other preserves with my mom & grandmother. For them preserving was an  antidote to waste. “Waste not, want not” is something my  grandmother  instilled in me, a way to preserve the seasons flavor in a jar.  

As an artist, it’s important to me to be creative with my jam making. I have created over 50 unique, delicious flavors. I am constantly nurturing new ideas; my ’Morning  Cup of Pear’ Jam came to me while drinking a delicious cup  of coffee and eating pears plucked from my trees. My  preserves stand deliciously apart from many others; my  adventurous flavor combinations are made with a subtle  balance utilizing less sugar and more fruit.     

One of my artistic outlets other than making unique, delicious jams and preserves is through the lens of an old  camera. You can see the fruits of this labor in the website  gallery and on my jam labels.    

Everything I do is stamped with my individual creativity,  from the fanciful flavors you’ll find inside the jars to the  labels on the outside, which showcase the visual delight I  take in the natural and preserved world!

A warm THANK YOU to the Sustainable Economies Law Center for all they do for the community. 

For all enquiries please make contact via email.